Have you ever answered yes to following questions?

  • The consulting firm I use charges high prices for basic services
  • The consulting firm I use “nickels and dimes” me for every request and phone call
  • The consulting firm has no flexibility in how I pay for services
  • I often have urgent issues and find I can’t get these issues resolved on a timely basis
  • The consulting firm I work with can’t provide cost-effective communication services for my employee benefit plans
  • I often find a need for employee advocacy services, but the firm I use either doesn’t provide it, or is too costly
  • Sometimes I need onsite HR support, but the consulting firm I use can’t effectively provide these services
  • I am interested in understanding the impact of health reform and other legislative issues, but the firm I use for consulting hasn’t presented me with any creative, strategic ideas

If so, it’s worth considering a different type of consulting model that specializes in custom, flexible solutions for supporting your company’s employee benefit needs.